Thanks for visiting my corner of the World Wide Web. Once just my travel journal that my one reader (Hi, Great Aunt Mary!) found amusing, YogiRoadie.com has evolved with me.

With readers from over 70 different countries now, my aim is to share more informative recommendations with my stories that I hope my readers will find useful and entertaining. I’ve been traveling, often solo, since I was an unaccompanied minor and practicing yoga for just as long, so I’ve picked up a tip or two on travel, health, and wellness that I hope you’ll enjoy reading about.

This blog documents the beauty of a good adventure and the interesting places and perspectives I’m grateful to discover and share with you.


Yogi Roadie


  1. Fae

    Hey, Tscout (to keep real moniker private)! Just glanced at your blog again (led here by searching for your photos of trees & Audubon book ;). Enjoyed as usual your Sparkling dive into life! Just messaging here to get updates of new posts (though living of life reduces frequency of posts, understandably :). Thankful for your Spirit!


  2. Someone from the Edge

    Very very very interesting stories! Need to improve my vocabulary , to have a pure delight of your colourfull pictures of your life . So warm, tender and funny while readingvyou. keep this site well! Hope one day you will tell a story about visit the Country on the Edge.

    Liked by 1 person

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