1st Day of Teaching

  Irish Breakfast & The best part of waking up, indeed. I don’t know if it was the coffee or my fear of being one of the bad teachers in Waiting for Superman, and the fact that I had just watched Detachment on the airplane ride over to Korea, but I had some serious shakes […]



The U.S. could learn a thing or two from Korea’s healthcare system… 23 of us instructors walked into a medical center to take our health exams and each of us were finished within forty minutes or less. Rather than waiting well past our appointment time before finally being called back by a nurse practitioner to […]


Incheon Night Life

Incheon Night Life After sweating it out on the first day of the official end of the rainy season in Nongdaemun, Hansu and Dahee took David and me to experience Korea at night. We met Dahee a few minutes before she got out of work at Lotte World. She had told me she was a […]