Focus Group Survey

Would you be interested in an experimental active/guided meditation class with me? I’m thinking we could start out just going straight into some light guttural screaming.

We’d move right into alternating siren-banshee breathing exercises™ and skip intention-setting all together because we’ve an unspoken understanding that “completely unhinged” is exactly where we’re all at today.

I’d encourage everyone to listen to their bodies and feel free to tear their mats in two or reach for their favorite pillow and blanket to curse into {whatever you’re craving that day}. Then I’d invite you all to cry angry tears at your own pace, and read you a diva quote by one tantrum-throwing bombshell or another from the Hollywood golden era to help fan that fiery growl and chakral glow.

When you’ve tuckered yourselves out, you’d have the option to take a few resetting Lions Breaths and we’d end with a classic fine china smashing before chips and dip and savasana.

With our resting b*tch faces restored, we’d close by taking note of any changes we feel and try to carry that lightness throughout the rest of our day.

Recommended for anyone having car trouble, kids, financial issues, boy problems, a bad year, a bad hair day, experiencing menstruation, awareness of our dying planet, or hot flashes.

FREE for anyone juggling all of the above and $15 for others to drop in sound about right?
Namaste. ✌️😙💛

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