Follow That Flag: New York, USA


Distance traveled: 1460 mi/2357 km

If it can make it here, it can make it anywhere! Well, let’s hope. The Flag has just made it to Alicia in New York!

Educators like Jaela teach English in Korea and so do engineers, advertisers, scientists, social workers, and some expeditionary guides like Alicia here.

Like a lot of the crew, Alicia was already well-traveled by the time she made it to Cheongju, South Korea. She had spent some time in China, so was already acquainted with Asian culture, which can be rather daunting for anyone who’s never felt like they just landed on Mars before. Among the seasoned voyagers though, the general consensus was that Korea comes off far ‘tamer’ than the rest of Asia. These old salts get over the culture shock quickly, if they feel it at all.

Wisteria Outside of Work
Wisteria Outside of Work

Korea may not be as lawless as Myanmar but spitting indoors is tolerated, the pastime for little old ladies is deliberately slapping and poking any part of your person they find mildly amusing, and stopping at red lights is apparently optional.

Alicia wasn’t shy and dove right in, finding a so-called “Korean family” as the interested and adventurous types often do (Alicia through Couch Surfing, others through language groups or church), and learned how to make Korean staple foods like kimchi in her first unabashed month.

She is currently enjoying time with family after sea-kayak training in Alaska, before embarking on an adventure in horticulture therapy on the Big Island, Hawai’i. Oh yeah, this babe knows how to live.

Next stop, Ólafsvík, Iceland!


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