A Rooftop Garden, Joyride & Batting Cages

IMG_1728After signing on for her second year at a public school, Alex moved across town near Uamsan Mountain and Cheongju University, where we had gone on our predawn New Year’s hike, four months ago. We didn’t know at the time that she’d be relocating over twenty minutes and a ten dollar cab ride away so soon (it’s been four months?). With Alex teaching normal hours at her fancy public school and the rest of us still working in the evenings at our private schools, we don’t get to see each other much. So this weekend Alex and Alicia and I got together to turn the unused space on her roof into a rooftop garden, giving us a place and project to work on together.

But before planting, my pal Sam was in the neighborhood and called to show me the motorbike he just bought (that’s British English for scooter, he’s from Skegness) and took me for a loop around the mountain and the lake.

IMG_1731Paper lanterns strung along the road to one of the city’s temples in observance of Buddha’s birthday. They lead to the same entrance we use to the hike up Uamsan.

IMG_1734The dark side of the mountain, brrr.

IMG_1744Uamsan mean’s “cow crag mountain” and refers to the mountains low and broad stature, what natives thought resembled a female ox laying across the horizon.

IMG_1746Interesting modern architecture on the lake.

IMG_1755A fairy robot sculpture.


IMG_1726Back to business; breaking ground.

IMG_1760We planted kale, spinach, arugula, onion and the impossible-to-find beet! Can’t wait to use them for juicing.

IMG_1765Walking to take the bus downtown where we met up with Mims, Tami and Tera to blow off some steam at one of the many batting cages nestled between bars.

IMG_1777Alex may have better yoga posture but I hit more imaginary doubles ;)


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