Daegu 10K

Pizza and wine don’t usually make the list  for training food, but mixed with hilarious stories between coworkers and friends the night before, Alex and I woke up energized for our big weekend in Daegu. I stayed cooped up during what seemed like the longest winter of my life and needed to get out again. We ran the 10K portion of the Daegu International Marathon -Alex’s first race! But not before standing on a train for an hour, ditching our taxi in the middle of nowhere, getting lost, getting help, getting stalked, attending a cult meeting and finally getting fed.

There’s no mention of booking a hotel because my mother indiscriminately rang every friend, old client, old flame and contact in Daegu to tell them we were coming. Under other circumstances I would have been be grateful for all those who offered to put us up for the night. But I’ve grown up knowing exactly what staying with a friend of my mother’s means, which is every decision made for you. Like to sleep in pajama shorts? Take those off. Here’s a flannel onesie. You shower in the morning? You’ll shower before bed from now on. Why aren’t you in the shower yet? You’ve been brushing your own teeth for over twenty years? Give me your toothbrush, hold still.  Korean mother-women don’t seem to consider that I, myself want to get ready before leaving the house (usually) and I don’t need to be reminded of the necessity of shoes.

But refusing was a lost cause and being bossed around the house spilled into being bossed around the race. Really this part was not such a great time and we were exhausted with the pulling and pushing. But the traveling between orders and the race itself was just what I hoped it would be. Fun and freeing.
IMG_1353Getting something in our stomachs before taxing to Osong Station, Alex put her new juicer use and made strawberry-orange juice.

IMG_1356Healthy decisions.

IMG_1359Getting our bullet train tickets (KTX).

IMG_1366Standing room only. It wasn’t so bad, I’ve stood at concerts for longer. The scenery was nice and it went by fast (just over an hour).

903695_2000097047343_731060544_oLost. After we got to Dong Daegu Station, we caught a taxi and asked to be taken to Daegu University. The driver said he knew where it was and we headed out of town. Yeah I thought that was weird too when we left the city limits. We got a little uncomfortable when he kept radioing someone and telling them he had a couple of foreigners. He started shouting at us when we asked if we were going the right way. We showed him the lonely sad blue pinpoint tracking our location on my phone’s GPS and he yelled at us some more. Alex and I quickly tossed him the fare and bailed at the next stop light.

IMG_1436After fifteen minutes of realizing were were not going to catch a taxi, this police officer came out of no where and to help us out. He stood in the street and waved a bus down for us going in the right direction. And we were on our way.

IMG_1407Enjoying the cherry blossoms while they last.

                         IMG_1387 IMG_1388
IMG_1389Alex teaching children a Korean game they don’t even know yet.


IMG_1434 Found our race route on a map on the bus back.

IMG_1439This man selling roasted chestnuts said “For free!” but made us pay after taking this photo, haha.

IMG_1447Twilight at Suseongmot Lake Resort.

IMG_1460A truly amazing seafood pasta that Unni’s sister made for us the night before the big race.

IMG_1463Unni took us on a nighttime walk around her neighborhood after supper.

IMG_1466Daegu Tower Land. In 2011 I base jumped off Daegu Tower the tallest tower in Asia.

903047_2000100087419_1998063662_oThese outfits…Unni dressed us.

IMG_1478Porta-squatter potty.

IMG_1482The park near the starting line of the race.

IMG_1486Limbering up with some yoga.

IMG_1499The elites warm up for the marathon.

IMG_1503You better believe they played Gangnam Style.
IMG_1507A lot of this. We were constantly being followed by television crews covering the race.

IMG_1513And given all sorts of banners and signs to hold in promotional photo opts. I blame her hair.

IMG_1525Thinking, “Let’s do this already!” 20 minutes after the gun.

IMG_1560Chip time: 1:02 – Not too bad for her first race and first 6 mile run!

IMG_1565Making our way to the freebies and medals.

IMG_1573Finisher photo :)

IMG_1576My new favorite thing is to out do my mother’s braggadocious race photos.

IMG_1580I’m an artist.

IMG_1587All tuckered out. Meandering around the race grounds for hours is a good way to get stuck in traffic for many more hours.

902432_2000102567481_1392257395_oDowntown Daegu for some much needed coffee. Taking this photo is becoming a bit of a tradition.

IMG_1593View from the cafe.

IMG_1605Saw the exit sign for the hospital I was born in and snapped a photo. This caused us to miss our bus home.

IMG_1607But then we bumped into Steve, Becky and Sean at the terminal. We went to a really interesting indoor-outdoor restaurant.

IMG_1610Steve ran the full marathon!



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