New Year’s Dawn

신년을 축하합니다! (shin nyeo eol chukhahamnida) – Happy New Year!

Koreans celebrate the Lunar New Year coming up on February 10th as well and say, 새해 복 많이 받으세요! (saehae bok manhi baduseyo) which literally translates to, “Hope you receive a lot of new year’s blessings.” The holiday is rich in tradition and of course food so I can’t wait to follow up on that topic.

For this New Year’s celebration, Durham, Carly  and Joubertina and I took a predawn hike up Uamsan Mountain just behind Cheongju University. There are two colleges in town, this one, Cheongju Dae the more prestigious of the two and Chungbuk Dae, in University Village where everyone does their drinking. Want to study in Korea? I’ve thought about it since moving here. Most international students opt for art school at Seoul or Yeonsei University the “Harvard of Korea” in the capitol. Check out their sites, they come in English too.

DSC01535Who needs sleep?

DSC01536Catching our breath.

735600_10151385268741145_1187424889_oLosing the race against light to the summit.

737147_10151385268451145_765775340_oEven though we couldn’t see much past the fog and snow at the top, we snapped a couple of hero pictures and hung around the mountain, feeling great about getting up and out to kickoff 2013 right. We knew the sun was still up there somewhere.


741259_1907281887022_1811117540_oMaking our way back down, taking the pictures it was too dark for earlier.

737805_10151385269466145_514854190_oThere’s always a temple nestled somewhere on a mountain in Korea.


DSC01548Making our way out Path Five and back through the University.





DSC01551A great morning and great start to the new year. Happy 2013 to all of you!



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