Busan By The Sea

Nothing compares to travelling in a foreign country and going about your adventure without a hitch (there just might be hope for my Korean, yet). At the end of a long week, accustomed to my own weekend excursions, I meant to go to Busan alone, but a co-worker said she could use an escape too. Good thing, because my camera-phone died the moment I got off the train and I owe most of the lovely pictures to her. Some are kind of psychedelic and ended up being used in a photo essay series in Korea that I never expected to be a part of. Thank goodness for artists.

Jangsan Mountain – Hiking around landmines

Cliffs at Amnam Park – Climbing the coast

Photo Essay – Excuse me while I kiss the sky

After the hike, we headed to the beach. I left Jaela to her photography and made my way down the silken path uncovered by the tide. Tiny bubbles popped under my toes in the sand and atop bundles of seaweed as I came across two giggly locals. They were struggling to time a photo of themselves jumping into the air with the ocean at their backs and their tripod witnessing the comedy a few feet in front. When I asked if they’d like me to take their picture, they squealed, and promptly pulled me into the next shot. Through over ten retakes, these hilarious women kept urging me to stay and take one more with them, then another. They laughed their heads off the entire time. It was pretty great.

Seongjong Beach – Making friends

I exchanged Kakaotalk usernames with the giddy pair, and after the bullet train ride from Busan back to Cheongju, the photos we took were waiting for me once my phone, which (with a foreign adapter) took a lot longer than me to recharge. The time away worked, and I felt refreshed and ready for that Monday classroom.

What a Day – To fun and friendship

One Comment

  1. Anonymous

    I love reading these! I’m glad you’re keeping up with blogging. You don’t seem so far away when I read them. I miss you Clattercakes!

    p.s. Did you drink wine?!


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