Slow Goin’

HomePlus started importing beer.

Trying my hand at ddukbokki.

We were instructed to provide word searches for our kids during exam week. Think mine are too telling of my own personal interests?

Not swastikas. Buddhist peace signs.

Saw this sign on a bus. That’s really how I spell my name in Korean.

A lot of the architecture in Korea looks like it’s straight out of Blade Runner. Dystopian. Fitting.

Guy at the meat house had a Cardinals hat on. I knew better than to smile and say, “Go Cards”. Koreans buy MLB caps for looks not loyalty. This guy probably couldn’t tell you what StL means. From what I’ve heard, it’s about the “prettiest” logo. I’ve only seen NY, D and STL. None the less, representin’.

Step 1. Pile selection of meat on platter.

Step 2. Grill the meat. The youngest are expected to do this. Think of how many burnt steaks we’d have back in the States…They also take care of the table, passing out napkins and utensils and refilling drinks. BEFORE anyone has to ask, while the rest of us go without noticing how our beers are always full. Small form of payback on all the “babies” of the family. There is justice in the world.

Step 3. Wrap meat in a crazy good tasting leaf w. hunk of garlic + chili sauce & stuff it in your face.

Easy hike in Cheongju:

I only thought I had escaped the city, but there it still was.

It was a nice little hike, but after spending weeks on the Appalachian Trail, I’d actually like to hike where I lose cell phone service.

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