Today I find my Uke

It feels so good to have nothing on my plate today. I finally don’t need anything for my apartment, I’m set on groceries and my bosses aren’t harassing me…yet. So today I rolled out of bed, caught up with the family and took a taxi downtown. I saw a ukulele at the monster-sized Homeplus, last week and today seemed like the perfect day to pick it up. Until the store was closed. Figures.

But as chance would have it, I found an acoustic shop while walking around, and made friends with owners, Che and Na. They were so cool! I almost didn’t want to go in and browse because some shopkeepers get frustrated with my rusty Korean. At best, I had hoped they’d just be patient with me, but these two had me staying long enough for a mini concert and a complimentary ukulele lesson. I couldn’t bring myself to part with the money that one of Che’s ukulele’s would cost me, but he said I could walk in for a free lesson anytime if I did, so I will definitely be going back to buy my ukulele there :D Mom and Pop’s win again.

The Pond outside my apartment. Look at all the lily pads.

Fortune teller in the Subway Station

 McDonald’s w. a Walk-up Cafe Window

Jeep has an extremely popular clothing line here in Korea. I always see shirts that just say Jeep.

Floating Noodle Sign

I don’t get into too many weird foods but I do love Jipo.
Those are crispy fried corndogs w. cheese cubes on the right.

The lady told me to marry a Korean and make pretty babies while I was here, then handed me my cone of jipo, which I see was her phone bill.

I’m so glad I stumbled upon this place! I should have taken a picture of all their beautiful guitars.

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