Saturday in Chonan

So last night at 10pm all of us teachers were notified that we were required to attend a soccer game the next morning. And even if we had purchased Imax tickets weeks ago, to see Dark Knight Rises, they’d fire us if we didn’t show. I am still going to check for where in the contract it says mandatory, last minute, unpaid, Saturday morning events. But I played it safe today and just went to the damn soccer game.

Besides the heat, it wasn’t that bad. And it was good to see the kids outside of class. Basically, all we did was smile at the kids’ parents and look White and teacherly. But wow, just throwing “termination” and “deportation” out there, right off the bat was a little harsh.

I just barely made it to the show that Paul and his friends in Chonan had bought tickets for, and buckled in for three hours of unprecedented story telling. There are no words to describe how phenomenal Dark Knight Rises was!!!!! GO SEE IT NOW!

This is John, my future son. It will be challenging, getting him past customs.

This is Sean’s baby, Tyler. He will be much easier to smuggle.

Instead of  packaged brownies or those little barrels of kool-aid, the kids were given fried chicken and coke, after the game. I’m not sure which is worse for you but they didn’t exactly seem refreshed…someone hand these kids a Capri Sun.

Neat little river and bridge, before entering Chonan

Korean Popeye’s. Why yes, I would love some ham and cheese on my spicy mayo chicken :S

Ju, Sua, Paul and I walked around downtown Chonan and we saw this carnival ride, just inside this tiny building!

Korean’s love snacks and desserts, so naturally we got ice cream and coffee before dinner :)

It brings a smile to my face, the disregard for/freedom of copyrights in Korea. Charmander here, is promoting spicy ddukboki

This conveyor belt-serving sushi restaurant was cool at first, but then I wondered how many laps the fishy morsels had done before we got there. And how the uncovered sushi was out getting breathed on by every customer it passed…and quickly lost my appetite.

But not before doing some serious damage.

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