Walking Cheongju

Not much happening in the middle of my week…so I took my crappy camera and went for a walk.

I came across a neighborhood crop garden, a hiking trail, funny English screen prints (they make no sense!), another wooded path with an exercise station, and found the 4th floors of Korea still missing.

Field of Greens

I’m thinking about the fields back home (I know, why?!) and how, as a kid, you’d know how late in summer it was, by how tall the corn was getting. I still get that feeling of, “Oh man, school’s about to start…but that fair is coming soon!”

Entrance to a Hiking Trail

I’m going to have to explore this soon!!!

Apartment Sign

I just thought this was a cool way to display the apartment building layout…

Wooded Path w. Exercise Station

On the other side of those trees, is a major street in Cheong-ju but you wouldn’t know it. I really like the city’s priority to keep nature incorporated in the design. It’s nice to have the convenience of living in the city and the urban life when you want, while still being able to take paths like these when you need some peace. Or a bench press.

Life’s not a Garden. Don’t Be a Hoe.

You know, I can’t  really knock this too much because this is the first script I’ve seen that makes sense. Grammatically and conceptually! Just, what do they have against gardens :P I still can’t get over the correct use of apostrophes!

“Power up! I feel like some snacks!”

This is really a notepad for kids. I don’t understand the message but it can’t be good. Pills are fun! Needles are good for you!

Elevator at the School

Still no 4th floor to be found in Korea…

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