Moving to Cheongju

After a grueling week at training, the roommates and I go our separate ways and begin our solo adventures in our different towns.
Jenny, I will still get you for picking Daegu ;)

So far Cheong-ju is nice. It’s not what I was expecting but it has only been three days, so we’ll see…I didn’t exactly get a good first impression!

Bus to Cheong-ju
Leaving Seoul
The Countryside
Cheong-ju at Night

There is a reason the motel looks like it belongs in Vegas. For one, there is a strip club attached to it.

Can you guess what’s in this Vending Machine?

I don’t think I can even legally show you…so you’ll just have to use your imagination. Feeling like I had to sanitize my hands after everything I touched in the motel room, I headed out for dinner. On the way I saw a blonde Korean! Obviously not natural, but it looked really good! Better than when I went for it, haha.

Just taking pictures as I please
Spicy Cold Noodle Soup

None of these dishes sound good translated, you are just going to have to trust that they are delicious.

Disneyland?! No, just another Pick-Your-Fantasy “Love Motel”
Korean Traditional Dresses

Learn Korean: “Han-bok”

The Elusive 4th Floor

Because of China’s history with Korea, the number 4 (being a homophone of the word “death” in Chinese) is extremely unlucky. So most buildings skip from the 3rd to 5th floor. They “observe” April 4th as their sort of unlucky day of doom. Funny, I took this picture on Friday the 13th.

Shops in the Subway Station
Aquarium in the Station
Downtown Shops

Learn Korean: Downtown “She-nay”

Park on the Way to Dinner with my Boss

The architecture in Korea goes from modern to traditional, everywhere.

Dinner is Served

A typical Korean meal, with all the fixin’s. Rather than a meat and two veg. Koreans opt for rice and a bounty of side dishes.
Learn Korean: Side Dishes “Bon-chan”

The pathway from my apt. to the store
Grocery Shopping

My Cousin Hansu came down to help me get settled. Check out the escalating ramp at Homeplus.
It’s kind of steep, but not even the old people seem to mind the incline…I will have to stop being a wuss.

Gas is about $1.73…per liter
Making a week’s worth of Irish Breakfast
Kale & Swiss Chard
Boiled & Mashed…hard to do with just a spoon
Super Healthy Breakfast, check!
Usually I go for Italian, but I had to buy this French wine
Co-worker Dinner

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