Osan AFB

Day 5: Osan AFB
I’m in OSAN! Osan has its own airport and is one of the bigger bases I’ve been on (Gunsan AFB, Ellsworth AFB, Grant Forks AFB, Scott AFB, Hickam AFB, Hawaii Marine Corps Base, Army Schofield, Pearl Harbor, Fort Campbell, Quantico Marine Corps Base, Fort Meade). I’m a little homesick but even the military standard brown buildings feel more like home.


Just when I was getting used to the sweltering heat and monsoon scale rain, eating the grisel of exotic animals and showering from a hose, my mom takes me to visit some friends here and it’s like crossing over back into the states. I’m going to take advantage of the central air and actual do my hair tomorrow. There are all these “Amer-Asian” kids running around, reminds me of my early childhood in North Dakota, before moving to the Midwest.


My mom took off and visited some friends for the rest of the night leaving me and poor Hansu to hang with the kids (16, 14 and 9) but they spoke English and got my jokes so I can’t complain. Hansu would probably say his night was a lot different…I walked to the library for wifi and even ate at the Taco Smell in the food court at the BX and saw Fast Five (for $4.50) at the theater. Afterwards we stayed up switching between Modern Warefare2 and Black Ops the rest of the night. Seriously, I’m in America.


Pros: Air conditioning, English speakers, black people, forks (or at lease wooden chopsticks), things I’m used to.
Cons: Hearing Americans stationed here say some less than enlightened things about Koreans and their country.

I get why there are American bases in Korea. But I wonder why are we stationed all over the world. Or what Americans would think is say Germany or Italy, or any other country had bases in the States. Would there be the same rumors of the men stealing our women and getting thrown out of bars for fighting every night?

Culture Shocks of the Day:

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