Right now…I’m a senior in Psychology taking Info 303 at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.  So far the class has been a great creative outlet where we both learn about writing across media and make our own statements through different compositions of art.

So I did some race-y graffiti-ing. I wrote about it and would love your feedback (+/-) please comment on the project 1 page. It’s just me giving some insight on being a mixed kid, so read it and get smert.

Other interesting graffiti projects from class:

rehead3 Quit                            bct11 Revelation

nuggetxp Education is…     wae0508 MURDER

naren Danger Tobacco        dvorak! Go “Green”

kokonimo Minimalize


  1. kokonimo

    Thank you so much for the shout out, chica! :D I didn’t comment after you finished with your presentation, but I could immediately tell your meaning behind the stencil graffiti. Something about the woman’s face is so ambiguous, her hair so dark, her proud posture, that I could tell you were going for a racially ambiguous woman. She looked just that!

    Perhaps my computer is slow loading, but did you get rid of your graffiti picture?! :((


    1. blossombetty

      Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate you letting know how my project is perceived. I’m glad you got it! I didn’t take the picture off, though I tweaked with the link. It should be good now. Good luck with Project 2 and thank you again!


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