Because Your Grandma Never Taught You

…and your mom sure as hell never learned how to sew.

Denim Therapy – ($7/in) “a jean repair service that works miracles on broken denim, restoring pair after pair to respectable-or-better condition while retaining all the marks, softness, and fit that some from a well-worn pair of leg covers.”

Guy or gal, if you have the skill of sewing under your belt it’s pretty handy. And impressive.
In the 6th grade one of the boys stopped wrestling the others (or whatever it is 6th grade boys do) because he lost a button from his shirt. All the girls scrambled around to talk to him. But he was diligently looking for his button. It was picture day and his mom was going to kill him. A girl found the button but that didn’t help much. I took it and used my special knot tricks to attach it back to his sleeve. Now we’re married to with two kids. No just kidding, but he did remember the rest of that day ;)
Ok, a guy who wears other kinds of short besides cargos, is enough to make me happy.
You don’t have to be a taylor. But a guy who can hem? I’d be damn smitten. And not just because his clothes fit better.

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