Today kicks off the highly anticipated Pitchfork Music Festival at Union Park in Chicago!

I have a ticket for Sunday…Besides The Flaming Lips I’m be seeing, The Thermals, Frightened Rabbit, DJ Rupture, Blitzen Trapper & M83. I can’t decide if I like serene and folksy or the calamity of electronica better. I just started to really like electronic music, after being introduced to Crystal Castles. I have been listening to their album, “It’s Blitz!” nonstop in the lab I work in. Robot music for robot work. It’s easy to do when you’re not trying to get down the lyrics and more just the sound. I can’t understand a word but I kind of kind of like that. I tend to be too picky about lyrics. Also, the way they do hectic and angry then ambient and trancing is fantastic. No transitions needed, it’s all just great music. Too bad they wont be showing up at P4k, they already played at Coachella this year.

Other bloggers talk about what they’re going to wear, so I guess I’ll do that now. I dont know…I’m most likely going to be in a plain jane, white and tan ensemble to stay cool. And stand apart from all the body hugging neon, nylon, straw, fringe and shredded sleeves that are the Chicago indie scene…they know it’s 95 degrees. Convention and function be damned.

Maybe I’ll sport a pith helmut. I do love safaris. Ideas? I am not into high-waisted leather shorts or gladiator sandals, but I am all about pedal-pushers and sundresses. Pictures Sunday!

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